Do you want to become more effective in driving and accomplishing improvements, or do you have leaders in your organization that does, then Learning by Doing is to recommend. Learning by Doing is often seen as one of the best ways to acquire deeper learning and experience. Books, videos and classroom learning are good complimentary activities, but it is only through real practice that valuable and reusable experiences about how to drive effective improvement work can be acquired. Hence, you need to identify something of value for your environment that you would like to improve, so you can start practicing.

Learning by Doing in close collaboration with an experienced Improvement Mentor makes the learning even more profound and effective, the probability of success increases, and the business results are often more visible and significant. The role of an Improvement Mentor is to support and guide the Mentee in his or her practical improvement journey, enabling effective learning about how to make use of globally well-recognized improvement and change methodologies to accomplish measureable improvements and high return of investment on the efforts. The Improvement Mentor also brings to the table broad business experience and effective people coaching skills to ensure the Mentee optimizes business outcomes, overcomes hurdles and challenges during the improvement journey and develops leadership capabilities for future improvement efforts.

Valuable leadership skills that are developed when engaging an Improvement Mentor

  • Connecting improvement efforts to business value and priorities
  • Defining, scoping and structuring improvement efforts
  • Managing key stakeholders and receivers
  • Measuring improvement, visualizing and interpreting data
  • Leveraging quantitative and qualitative assets within the business environment
  • Using global best practices and methods for improvement
  • Identifying, understanding and handling problems and root-causes
  • Develop and executing improvement plans
  • Dealing with change, hurdles and challenges
  • Managing multiple findings, opportunities and improvement activities
  • Building engagement and motivating for improvement

An engagement with an Improvement Mentor should have multiple targets. To create business value is obvious, so is to increase the mentee’s ability to lead effectively towards measureable improvement. When the collaboration is fully successful you should also see speed to visible results, an enhanced organizational capability to work with continuous improvement and satisfaction among leaders and affected employees.

Sounds interesting and something for you or your organization?
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Improvement Mentor = Business Improvement + Leadership Development + Satisfaction